Your Book Can Create Change.

I teach women business owners and experts how to write and self-publish their book to spread their message and increase their impact.

You're interested in writing a book, but you're not sure how the pieces of the process fit together.


And you're here because you're ready to share your story and make an impact.


 You're ready to get the support you need to write your book in minimal time, attract your ideal readers, and create impact and income.


Writing your book and using your voice is a powerful thing that can change lives, and I'm here to show you how. 

Hey! I'm Jenelle

A few years ago, if you wanted to publish your book, you had to go through gatekeepers, including a literary agent and publisher. 

But life changed when platforms like Amazon began offering first-time authors a chance to tell and share their stories and put their books directly into the hands of readers.


What was once a dream for many became a reality--a published book. 


Now's a great time to write and publish your book. Gone are the days of the the printed paper, the envelopes, and the postage stamps in order to find a literary agent. ​Today, after your manuscript's finished and edited, your book can be available to eager readers with the click of an upload button. 

Increased impact and increased impact can be yours.​ It's time that you spread your message and enhance your brand with a book. 

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