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Build Your Brand with a Book

When you hear the name Tim Ferris, you may automatically think “The 4-Hour Workweek.” But why?

It's because Ferris built his brand using a book as a key pillar. A book is a low-cost entry point for people to enter your business ecosystem. It also allows them to spend time with you, hours in fact, and see you as an authority figure.

Why? Because most people don’t take the time to lay out their knowledge in a book. But you did--and it’s a difference maker. 

A book is viewed as high value collateral because it's a long-lasting product. Even though it takes time and effort to write a book--real talk--you only have to do the work once.

Many people miss this point. Don’t spend a year or three years ‘thinking’ about the book you want to write. Instead commit for a few months to writing your book, and it’s done.

Now you have a product that positions you as an expert. Let’s toast to that.

You’ve laid out your knowledge in one product, not in several blog posts or livestream videos. And your ideal client can easily consume it whenever he or she wants via a printed book or ebook.


One tip I have for anyone who is considering writing a book, let's say that you are into personal finances. You don't have to write everything you know about personal finances from A to Z in your first book.

Instead, sit down and think about the type of readership that you want to attract. Within this demographic is your ideal client. Not everyone who reads your book will become a client, but if one out of 50 does, you want them to have a foundation of knowledge that truly helps them before they work with you.

So maybe your first book is for beginners who are now trying to understand how managing their personal finances affect their life. Or maybe you skip this demographic and aim for readers who have some knowledge of personal finances,in fact, they’re entrepreneurs. And so it's an intermediate book targeting a specific group of people. 

My point is you don't have to write out every single thing about a topic to prove that you're an expert. A book presents information, and in branding your book, you can present it as being not only for persons interested in a topic, but who are at a certain level.


What many first-time authors may not understand is that you may not make thousands of dollars off of your book. But you can if you have built up a following.

So how do authors make money? They position their book as level one in a funnel. Often it’s the entryway to services like coaching and consulting, or creating opportunities such as speaking.

Some people may not initially want to pay $500 or $1,000 for your services. But if they see that you wrote a book that’s $7.99, they may pick it up. Then they read it and begin to know, like, and trust you. They start to think of you as an authority figure within your niche. After all, they’ve spent hours with your content and you’ve helped them solve a pain point. They now feel more comfortable with you and value your expertise. Now, it's easier for them to visualize working with you. 

This is why you see people giving away free books. 

Books are powerful because words are the primary tool we have to communicate as human beings. 


People also build their brand with a book because human beings are always searching for answers.

And where do they search? On platforms like Amazon, which is a search engine.

This presents an opportunity for people to find out about your brand everyday. People visit Amazon and other sites that sell books generally in consumption mode. Having a book on a platform like this increases your chances of growing your audience. 

A person may not have run across your Facebook page, they may not run across your Instagram profile, but who do you know that doesn’t visit Amazon’s website at least monthly?

Building your brand with a book is great for your overall business growth. You do the work once to create a valuable product that then creates multiple opportunities for you.

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