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Don't Worry About Being Judged

When it comes to writing a book, you may not have started because you're afraid of being judged. I'll share two ways to get over this fear.

Perhaps you’re an expert in human resources or you've paid off 10k in debt in one year. Now you’ll like to write a book to share your expertise. But then you begin to worry about what others may think about your story. Being judged is something that many people do not like to admit that they’re afraid of when it comes to writing a book.

However, this is a mindset hurdle you can overcome. On the other side is a finished book and people that you can help.

First,think of your book as a product that delivers education,insight or a transformation that will impact someone's life. Simply put, it’s a collection of content just like a blog post or an article. When you break it down this way, rather than view it as a huge task, it becomes more manageable.

Think about who your book will serve. Think about the reader who will learn a specific skill, mindset,or strategy, and focus on her.

Second, focus on making your book the best that you can make it. There will always be an opinion out there, but this isn’t your concern. Let's say you have a platform, whether it's social media, your website, or a podcast. People may buy a book initially because of you, but no one is going to continue reading your book because of you. They're going to finish reading your book because of their own internal needs.

If you know that the knowledge and experience you’ve shared is valuable and that you’ve structured your book in a way to be easily understood, you will be proud of it. And we all want to talk about things we’re proud of with others.

When you've created something worthwhile with your time and worth other people's time, you're not going to be afraid of it being judged. Ultimately, a book’s written to serve others so let the focus remain on the reader.

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