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Why People Choose to Self-Publish

Accessibility and creative control are among the reasons more and more people are self-publishing today.

When I began my author journey, Amazon's KDP program wasn’t on the scene. Like others before me, I wrote a manuscript and then searched for a literary agent with the hopes of getting signed to a book publisher.

I spent months mailing out queries and got back letters of encouragement, requests for partials, or form rejections. Within the publishing industry, literary agents were the gatekeepers that ruled the roost.

But then Amazon entered the scene like Clint Eastwood in one of his westerns and shook things up. Aspiring authors turned their heads in Amazon’s direction.

After the early adopters sized things up and realized they could cut out the middlemen--literary agents and book publishers--and zip-line their books straight to readers via Amazon, they came back and told others.

Authors no longer had to participate in a year-long process, or longer, to have their books published traditionally. And so, the general belief that it took a year to write a book was dismantled. Authors making bank were writing in months, publishing, and growing a backlist.

The more books they could produce, the more readers they could attract, the more money they could make.

Self-publishing offered higher royalties, that meant a nice dinner for a couple at the end of the month, a child's tuition paid, or a mortgage payment made, depending on their level of success.

Besides the time factor and potential for earning more money, authors also considered marketing. Unless you were a bestselling author, authors had to market their own books. And so, self-published authors chose to use social media, book sites, online forums, blog tours,and their newsletter to promote their books to readers.

In addition, having creative control, from choosing an editor to a cover designer, also appealed to many authors, who wanted autonomy in their book’s branding and who used it as part of their business ecosystem.

Though the self-publishing industry continues to grow, I’d encourage business owners interested in writing a book to just do it. There are readers who will be impacted by your message.

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